Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover
Upcycling Exchange in Hannover

“Waste prevention is easy if creative ideas inspire you.” – This is what the Hannover Upcycling Exchange does, which takes place for the first time on 12 September 2015.

With a mix of interesting supporting program and stalls with various upcycling exhibitors this promises to be an exciting afternoon. Trade visitors and curious will find items of educational institutions, shops and designers. Also present: Upcycling exhibition, materials and products to buy, hands-on activities and a money-free material exchange table. Everybody is cordially invited to get a taste of the world of upcycling, namely from 1 to 6 p.m. at Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. in Glockseestraße 35, 30169 Hannover.

Permanent Upcycling Exhibition

Of particular interest, we find the planned upcycling permanent exhibition which will be inaugurated during the Hannover Upcycling Exchange. The association is looking for workshops that wish to participate in the planned permanent upcycling exhibition. An exhibit, information, flyer, brochure or possibly even pictures are shown in Hannover on the premises of Bauteilbörse Hannover and on the website of the Upcycling exchange (“Upcyclingbörse”) – a regional presence in a location where is being thought very much about sustainability. The aim of the exhibition is to stimulate sustainable procurement in business, administration and district culture and to show practical examples for this purpose.

As a cooperation partner Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market offers special conditions for a membership in the online marketplace to the exhibitors at the Upcycling exchange Hannover. For details see here.

Further information for visitors of the Upcycling Exchange Hannover can be found here. Exhibitors will find everything they need to know here and about advantages here.

Organizers of the Upcycling exchange Hannover as well initiator of the permanent upcycling exhibition is the association Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. Hannover in cooperation with Karmakiosk and material agency WerTzeug (value stuff). For the upcycling permanent exhibition is responsible the project of the association called “Bauteilbörse Hannover” (components exchange Hannover).

Hannover Components Exchange

The Hannover components exchange, called “Bauteilbörse Hannover”, is a project of the nonprofit association Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. and strives since 2005 to the development of a market for used components which is relevant for the region of Hannover in terms of energy and economics. The further use and reuse of components from demolition and renovation projects is a supplement of resource-saving developments. The project promotes, through its activities, the concept of a circular economy. The Bauteilbörse Hannover is a pioneer in its field. While other European countries have been active in this field for several years, for Germany it is rather new territory.

Upcycling Exchange: Hannover Components Exchange
Hannover Components Exchange

The aim is to create a market for used components in Hannover and the region. To achieve this goal, a close contact with craft shops, architectural firms and demolition companies is established. The project sees itself as a service with social and ecological orientation for residential and commercial prospects.

The re-use of components causes a saving of raw materials, transport and energy production and contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution. All fixed components that are broken down in renovation, alteration or demolition and are worthwhile for the re-use (eg windows, doors, floorboards, sanitaryware, electrical appliances, heating systems, stairs, fittings, tiles, etc.) are available for sale in the storage and sales hall and with photo in a future Internet platform.

Recycling and Reprocessing of Components

By recycling and reprocessing of components, the component exchange Hannover wants to build a network that combines ecological, economic and social goals. For this purpose, the project is based on the objectives of sustainable development, as formulated in the regional Agenda 21. The global goals defined in the Agenda 21 of a change of resource damaging consumption patterns requires the development of innovative concepts parallel to education of consumers. Structures must be built that offer consumers an alternative to the seemingly easy discarding and buying new. While it is correct that the consumer is informed about the environmentally sound re-use of used products, so important is it to offer him parallel also the possibility of selling and buying in a daily living form. This platform was first established with the Bauteilbörse project in Hannover. The idea is to question the mentality of the throw-away society critically and to create acceptance for used components in public by image work. Thus, a service is offered that contributes to the extension of the “life cycle” of components and at the same time causes a saving of raw materials, transport and energy production and the reduction of landfill areas.

The marketing of the components is done via an own Internet exchange and a stock sale. The positive experiences that the association has gathered in the implementation of youth projects in recent years and the ongoing problematic situation of young unemployed without educational qualifications are a further focus of the project in addition to the ecological aspects.

In its original alignment the association Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. is a long employed supporter in youth welfare in Hannover. Since 1989, the association carries out qualified employment projects for unemployed young adults. Within the framework of different projects various charities have been expanded and renovated in recent years with these young adults. “We encourage young people in a joint operation to take part in the repair and the construction of facilities and infrastructure in the leisure sector, as well as in the areas of working and living.” Through the work to be undertaken participants are given the possibility of meaningful pre-employment activities and to expand learned basic vocational qualifications so that in the medium term a successful integration in the primary labor market is achieved. The various construction projects are partly implemented with the support of craft businesses. Here the cooperation with craft has proven itself in the way that contacts for internships and possible employment opportunities could be made. Within the projects the young people are also supported socio-pedagogically.

The Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. has the association’s purpose to establish a school for work, business, technology, and sustainable living and economic styles.