Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!

Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!

When in February/March soft rays of sunlight make their way through the cloud ceiling, when snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils curiously point their heads towards the light … then this is the secure sign of the approaching spring. Spring stands for a new beginning and renewal. And for some people it goes along with renovation and redesign of their own four walls. Worn furniture will be replaced. This includes seating furniture for the kitchen, dining room, living room, children’s room, balcony and terrace. Here upcycled seating furniture can be the order of the day.

upcycled seating furniture - beanbag chair
Upcycled Beanbag Chair © reditum

Discarded materials for upcycling seating

When it comes to chairs, stools and sun loungers, you can choose upcycling furniture or natural wood. The latter are environmentally friendly if they are from wood of sustainable forestry, recognizable by the FSC® seal. For upcycled seating furniture, however, disused materials are processed. Recycled materials from parachutes, sails, bicycle hose, car tires, seat belts, duffle bags, wood and recycled synthetic fibres are turned into beach chairs, stools, chairs and side tables. Although these materials may not work for the actual purpose, they still do not belong in the waste bin. Considered from a different point of view, valuable resources can be turned into useful everyday items, including designer furniture.

upcycled seating furniture - stools made of recycled materials
Upcycled stools made of recycled materials © Marron Rouge

Upcycling creates jobs

Craft businesses, designers, and upcycling-focused companies source the supposed rubbish from companies around the world who are specialized in collecting used raw materials. The materials are sorted, cleaned, washed. At the same time, depending on local possibilities, it is considered to handle the cleaning process in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. Further processing takes place in regional companies and sheltered workshops. This is how creative waste recycling creates jobs. And this under fair and social conditions. Under the “fair trade” sustainability criterion, Greenpicks summarizes both works that are created in sheltered workshops and those that bear the label “Fair Trade Seal” and support people around the world. The French designer Marron Rouge and the German upcycling label reditum are two examples of excellent upcycling.

upcycled seating furniture - seat cushion
Upcycled seat cushion © Marron Rouge
upcycled seating furniture - stools from recycled canvas
Upcycled stools from recycled canvas © Marron Rouge

A way out of the throwaway society – from old to new!

Aristotle stated, “We can’t change the wind but we can adjust our sails.” A statement that could not be more current. Designers, manufacturers as well as we consumers remain in control, to what extent we offer or use all alternatives to German and Swedish furniture shops, to Italian designer brands. Furnishing cleverly and beautiful living means: away from cheap seating furniture (which may just barely survive the warranty period) to long-lasting chairs, stools and deck chairs made of recycled raw materials. Because upcycling is not just the simple recycling of old materials. Upcycling combines design and sustainability. And upcycling is a way out of the throwaway society!

upcycled seating furniture - deck chair made of recycled sails
Upcycled deck chair made of recycled sails © Marron Rouge

Maybe you follow from now on the slogan: “Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!” Greenpicks offers you a unique selection of chairs, stools, director’s chairs, deckchairs and sun loungers made of materials that have served in a former life and deserve a second life.

upcycled seating furniture - hassock of recycled sail cloth
Upcycled hassock of recycled sail cloth © Marron Rouge