Upcycling Raffle – 5 Years Greenpicks

5 Years Greenpicks! – Fair Upcycling Raffle!

Upcycling Raffle: Marron Rouge Purse Jack Companion

Greenpicks celebrates the 5th birthday* and indulges you in a fair upcycling raffle with a sustainable price!

For attentive upcycling fans, we have a competition where you can really “cash up”. In October 2017, Greenpicks raffles the purse “Jack companion” by the French upcycling label Marron Rouge. The wallet is made from recycled canvas of a parachute bag.

More information about the French label Marron Rouge can be found on our brand page.

Fair Price: win an upcycled purse by Marron Rouge

Win an upcycled portemonnaie for yourself or just as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or other occasions. The raffle takes place at Greenpicks via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Greenpicks.de. How to participate, you will find in the respective post. You will receive your prize directly from Greenpicks. No cash withdrawal of prizes (value of 25.00 Euro).
» Conditions of Participation

Start: 5th of October 2017, 11.00 h a.m
Closing date: 6th of October 2017, 11:59 h p.m

Upcycling Raffle

*Since May 2015, the German- and English- speaking marketplace Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market has been run under the GREENPICKS® trademark, managed by Annette Husmann. The market place for sustainable and ecological products has emerged from www.upcycling-markt.de (Eco- and Upcyling-Market).