Upcycling-Design from France new in the range of Eco- and Upcycling-Market


Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge
Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge

The French label Marron Rouge combines design, environmental protection and the promotion of social projects in India.

Cologne, 11. December 2013 – On the Internet marketplace for sustainable and organic products fashionable living and fashion accessories of the French label Marron Rouge have recently become available. With this Eco- and Upcycling-Market extends its product line with a variety of high quality recycling- and upcycling products. “We are pleased to present with Marron Rouge a label that combines upcycling design exemplary with the social thought.” says Annette Husmann, owner of Eco- and Upcycling-Market. The variety of products in the field of ucycling is thus steadily expanded.

Upcycling-Design from France

The founder and creative head behind Marron Rouge is Jean-Marc Attia. He lives and works in Lyon, France. In his atelier in Lyon he creates the designs for a variety of decorative objects and fashion accessories. The products are manufactured in social projects in India. For reasons of environmental protection disposed materials are used as raw materials. The aim is to manage waste intelligently.

So many different materials are the starting point for stylish upcycling products: Tires and tubes, which are collected by poor people from Dehli and then sold to an NGO-recycling plant. Parachute bag fabric, which is acquired from the Indian Army. Jeans labels and safety belts as a remnant of expiring collections. In addition, plastic bottles, so recycled PET bottles, newsprint, which is artfully folded and interwoven, disused tailor measuring tapes, braided bamboo stalks and used fire hoses.

Marron Rouge offers various collections of bags, small furniture, decorative objects and home accessories. These have already found their way into various ethical boutiques and design stores specializing in several European countries.

It’s the mix

In addition to contemporary design, the products of Marron Rouge are characterized by the mixture of different materials. So parachute silk and bicycle tubes are combined and processed to attractive fashionable bags. Excess Jean labels are mixed with bicycle tires. From air hoses and braided bamboo small furnishings such as seat cushions, lamps and other lighting fixtures are created, And from recycled seatbelts seat stools and small rugs are made. Cuddly stuffed animals from organic cotton and fabric remnants arise in a workshop for reintegration in Calcutta. Eco toys of fair manner.

For his commitment Jean-Marc Attia has already received several awards. Marron Rouge is labeled with LYON EQUITABLE VILLE ET DURABLE (Lyon an environmentally friendly and sustainable city).