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More life quality through less

More life quality through less

Earthovershootday this year already on August 2, 2017, a progressive scarcity of resources, growing world population, climate change, melting “eternal” ice, weather extremes, the littering of the oceans – the list of the negative characteristics of our time could be continued even further.

In the face of these horrific developments one can quickly fall into a depression or resign. What can I do as an individual against all this? Admittedly, alone you are quite powerless if you want to save the world.

Fortunately, a sustainable lifestyle helps to contribute with joy and fun to an improvement, while at the same time enriching your own life.

As so-called consumers, we have a power that can not be underestimated, which we can make much better use of. Private consumption and the resulting production of goods play a large part in the above-mentioned developments.

A first step is certainly to move to sustainable products when it comes to consumption. For example, you can buy long-lasting or harmless items, or replace conventional products over the long term with sustainable ones.

Sustainable consumption as an entry into a life as a strategic, conscious consumer. The more people change their purchasing behavior in this direction, the greater the pressure on manufacturers and their motivation to produce products that are ecological, durable, recyclable, harmless and resource-efficient.

The mere shift to sustainable consumption in the sense of “the same in green” will, however, not be enough to effectively reduce the mad goods flows and mountains of items and thus, the absolute global environmental impacts.

What can be the solution? In addition to a focus on technological advances and resource efficiency, which has been stepped up in the sustainability debate, it is the approach of so-called “sufficiency”.

With sufficiency to a higher quality of life

Suffi-what? The concept of sufficiency is derived from Latin; The verb “sufficere” means “suffice”. In sufficiency it is the question of the right measure and the need to have as much as one’s own needs require. In the ecological context, sufficiency is the consideration of natural borders and resources and is accompanied by the lowest possible raw material consumption.

And what does this mean for me as an individual? I really do not want to do without anything. How can you, on an individual level, change your own consumption habits or your own lifestyle in such a way that fewer resources are consumed? And how can the quality of life of the individual be improved without consuming more, but on the contrary rather less?

More life quality through less - Vivienne Westwood

In the course of recent years, various possibilities and approaches have crystallized out and at least established in the niche how one can live better without consuming more. It is about time instead of commodity, alternatives to a lifestyle of the other, better and more beautiful.

Instead of buying and consuming more and more, for which you need more and more money and because of the rising working hours and at the same time sinking leisure time you have less and less opportunity to use the bought things, there is also a different way. Fun and joy are then found much more beyond the shopping center – in nature, in sport, in the joint cooking with friends.

Many people find their happiness in doing-it-yourself (cooking, preserving, handicrafts, etc.) and in the experience that they can repair something (which we unfortunately unlearn more and more in our throwaway society). Longevity of products and upcycling also play an important role. Self-catering by gardening or urban gardening are further approaches. And a very important starting point is the prevention of garbage, which can be operated through the use of reusable containers in a wide range of fields (ZeroWaste / LowWaste, plastic-free living).

We at Greenpicks have the vision to put these approaches more firmly in the foreground and to inspire more and more people. We dream of a movement that connects more and more people. Together for a better world.

Author: Annette Husmann

Sustainability Week 2017

Sustainability Weeks 2017

As part of the Sustainability Week 2017, the owner, Annette Husmann, successfully presented the concept of greenpicks.de/en at Interseroh in Cologne and presented sustainable products from various eco-friendly online shops represented at Greenpicks.
Sorry, presentation only in German language available. On request is also a presentation in English possible.

Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co

Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co

Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co | Greenpicks
Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co | Greenpicks

Your kitchen is one place where natural and green products can really make a sustainable difference for your family’s health. Regional foods are the most sustainable and leave a small carbon footprint. Who swims on the eco-conscious vibe in the kitchen, should be choosy even with kitchen supplies and household helpers. Green alternatives for sustainability in household, kitchen & Co. are made from natural or recycled materials. Continue reading Sustainability in Household, Kitchen & Co

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover
Upcycling Exchange in Hannover

“Waste prevention is easy if creative ideas inspire you.” – This is what the Hannover Upcycling Exchange does, which takes place for the first time on 12 September 2015.

With a mix of interesting supporting program and stalls with various upcycling exhibitors this promises to be an exciting afternoon. Trade visitors and curious will find items of educational institutions, shops and designers. Also present: Upcycling exhibition, materials and products to buy, hands-on activities and a money-free material exchange table. Everybody is cordially invited to get a taste of the world of upcycling, namely from 1 to 6 p.m. at Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. in Glockseestraße 35, 30169 Hannover. Continue reading Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Relaunch: Eco- and Upcycling-Market becomes Greenpicks

Online marketplace modern and comfortable after major overhaul

Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market is here! We are happy and relieved to complete successfully our relaunch and rebranding project after a very intense and very busy time. On www.greenpicks.de/en you see the result.

Relaunch - We have moved
Relaunch – We have moved

After a major overhaul Eco- and Upcycling-Market (up to now: www.upcycling-markt.de) presents itself more clearly and considerably rejuvenated. The online marketplace for sustainable and upcycling products now operates under “Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market” (www.greenpicks.de). Our previous curated one-product shop Greenpicks remains as “Pick of the Week” inside the new website.

The new website is characterized by a fresh design, simple workflows, high usability and clear pages with high information density. For all offered products can be seen, how they meet the required sustainability criteria. Many filtering options make it easier to browse on topics, shop and brand pages as well as in the categories. Thanks to responsive design it is also possible to browse conveniently on the website via tablet and smartphone. Continue reading Relaunch: Eco- and Upcycling-Market becomes Greenpicks

DIY tips for upcycling furniture

On the website bauen.de we have found a detailed how-to article how to make on your own upcycling furniture. Here are useful tips for those who have fallen for the do-it-yourself trend and would like to try it for themself. We hope you enjoy and wish good luck! (We are sorry, the article is only available in German language.) Read more

Upcycling furniture: Cable drum as cocktail table
Cable drum as cocktail table © Photo: Sara Hart Morgan / hartsdesirephoto.com

» Upcycling-Furniture at Greenpicks

Upcycling diversity at FREI-CYCLE Fair

FREI-CYCLE Design Fair

Mid-September 2014 the FREI-CYCLE Design Fair for Recycling & Upcycling was held in Freiburg, Germany, for the second time. Nestled in the BADEN MESSE the FREI-CYCLE opened its doors to an international audience from Germany, France and Switzerland. The nearly 80 exhibitors from seven countries presented a great upcycling diversity at a high level.

Upcycling music instruments from old cigar boxes by Blue Bones
Upcycling music instruments from old cigar boxes by Blue Bones / © Photo Iris Streit

As a visitor you could admire and purchase products and ideas from all different walks of life. From a variety of used materials, there were bags, accessories, decoration, art and design, fashion, jewelry, furniture, lamps and other housing elements. As last year, Lisa Vöhringer organized the event well and put together a great selection of labels. So the exhibitors ranging from small start-ups to renowned label of the upcycling design scene, delighted, informed and inspired the number of interested people. Continue reading Upcycling diversity at FREI-CYCLE Fair