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Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning

Eco-friendly spring cleaning is best achieved if one uses ecological cleaning and washing agents.

In the context of a sustainable lifestyle you also come into contact inevitably with the topic washing and cleaning agents. What should you pay attention to if you want to start already at home with the environment protection?

Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning with cleaning and washing agents from Scopus
Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning with cleaning and washing agents from Scopus

As a good example of this we would like to introduce the company Scopus. Innovative, ecological cleaning and washing agents are the core business. The Scopus GmbH uses in its product lines intentionally the power of nature. Thus, all products are completely biodegradable. Sustainability is the A and O when developping new processes and products.

Conventionally produced detergents usually contain synthetic surfactants, which are obtained on a petrochemical basis (crude oil), chemically produced water softener, bleach, enzymes, synthetic perfumes, optical brighteners and fillers. Also in conventional cleaning products a colorful cocktail of chemical ingredients can be found, such as chlorine, ammonia, solvents, acids, etc. In addition to the impact on the environment often allergies are caused by these compounds.

For ecologically produced detergents and cleaning agents are used surfactants from renewable raw materials instead. In a creative and innovative process Scopus has found the formula for a unique patented surfactant and does in all its products without conventional chemistry. From this arose legendary products such as food-grade fat burner Scopus Ultra and Scopus Fix or the detergent Biosid.

Marc Herbrandt, CEO of Scopus GmbH, calls his cleaning products the ultimate “mace against fat”. The exceptional ability to dissolve all grease, oil and soot into its components and remove them thereby, is extremely impressive. At the same time the ecological cleaners are absolutely food-safe, fully biodegradable and dermatologically safe.

The ecological detergent Biosid is a unique heavy-duty laundry detergent. Because of the fact that the detergent residues of Biosid remaining in the fiber with each washing do not cause any irritation on sensitive skin, Biosid is excellent for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from neurodermatitis or psoriasis. In addition, the textiles are preserved during the washing process and thereby remain a longer shelf life.

Biosid is based on purely organic ingredients, is completely ecologically degradable and has been reviewed by a renowned independent German test institute as skin and dermatologically safe.

If you want to convince yourself of the environmentally friendly cleaning power of Scopus products, you can try out the exclusive put-together package which is coming with each a 500 ml spray bottle Scopus Fix kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, equipment and machinery cleaners, sanitary cleaners and a 1 liter bottle Biosid detergent. So not only an eco-friendly spring cleaning succeeds, but you are guaranteed all set for the remaining time of the year.