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Plastic Waste on the Beach

Sunbath on the Beach in between of Plastic Waste

Gradually the summer holidays in Europe start. Many tourists spend the best time of the year at the seaside. But who would like to sunbath in the sand between all the plastic waste? Because unfortunately on every beach of the ocean can be found plastic – various kinds of plastic waste and mikroplastic.

plastic waste
Careless plastic waste lying around on the beach (Spain) close to a dustbin | © streitline

Close to the dustbin

Who wants to have clean beaches and enjoy an unburdened holiday season, will make the short distance way to provided dustbins or take his garbage at home. And if there is no refuse bin available, then do good for yourself, for others and for the environment and take your rubbish and dispose of in an appropriate place. Plastic – less means more ocean and nature!

A good rest for body, mind, soul and nature wishes Greenpicks.

Plastic-free: Tips for reducing plastic

Plastic-free Life

Plastic is everywhere. Food packaging, clothing, storage containers, household appliances – no matter what we use or do – we come into contact with it every day.

For the benefit of our health and the environment, we should reduce our plastic consumption. After all starting materials for plastic are the black gold, ie crude oil, as well as coal and natural gas. Thus, not only valuable resources are wasted. But also the disposal pollutes the environment, as conventional plastic is not biodegradable. As evidenced by the huge vortex of plastic trash in the oceans, it remains for centuries in the environment. A sad consequence of the throwaway society.

Plastic-free Products
Plastic-free products as sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic products

First Steps to less Plastic

In short: There are many good reasons whenever possible to dispense with plastic. To reduce your use of plastic is not difficult. For a “plastic-free life” we have compiled a number of tips here.

1. Before you purchase a new article, always consider, if you really need it. If so, inform yourself about plastic-free alternatives. Continue reading Plastic-free: Tips for reducing plastic