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Highly popular „Heldenmarkt“ Berlin

Heldenmarkt Berlin 2013

Heldenmarkt Berlin 2013
Heldenmarkt Berlin 2013

There was a large crowd last weekend at the „Heldenmarkt“ in Berlin. In long lines, visitors waited patiently at the cash points to get admitted to the fair for sustainable consumption at the Postbahnhof in Friedrichshain.

And the wait was worth it! There was a wide range of sustainable alternatives from different walks of life to be seen and experience. In the ground floor mainly suppliers of all kinds of culinary delights lined up together seductively. For me as a chocolate fan, the choice of fair trade chocolate varieties was like paradise. Anyone who found the way to the upper floor after these temptations, could enjoy a truly diverse selection of organic / fair clothing, upcycling products, household goods, eco toys, furniture, gift ideas and more. Especially the proportion of exhibitors who follow the thought of Recycling/Upcycling was according to my impression even higher this time than in the previous year. I was particularly impressed by the varied range of Upcycling Deluxe. Bags, hats, belts and fashion accessories from car tires, records, coffee and rice sacks form a balanced unit of upcycling products. And I think that this is just the beginning, in view of the fact that there are infinitely discarded materials or declared to waste recyclables.

Heldenmarkt 2013 in Berlin
Heldenmarkt Berlin 2013

In addition, you could also learn about alternative investments, green energy providers and health insurance companies.

A stage show with raffle, green fashion show and vegetables cooking show, lectures and workshops, the well-frequented Repair café and a delicious organic vegetarian catering completed the program. All in all a great event!

A large crowd also at the following shops of Eco- and Upcycling-Market, that were represented on “Heldenmarkt” Berlin:

  • Monalito with baby Pendulo, Dopper and ajaa! Boxes
  • reditum with the proven moveo shelves
  • ia io with eco-fair dream bedding
  • kleiderhelden with sexy, organic, fair and high-quality underwear for men


Heldenmarkt Berlin: Products von reditum, ia io, Monalito und kleiderhelden
Products von reditum, ia io, Monalito und kleiderhelden on www.upcycling-markt.com

Upcycling and more at Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013

Impressions from Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013

The trade fair for sustainable consumption – “Heldenmarkt” – takes place in several German cities meanwhile. This time I visited the Heldenmarkt (market for heroes) in Frankfurt.

Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany

In a beautiful hall with a remarkable wooden roof construction about 75 exhibitors presented their products and services in the fields of fashion, food, investment, health and other sustainable consumer goods.

Alternative Barbeque Lighter

I liked especially the alternative products for grilling of the company Rebenglut. In a very informative and friendly conversation the owner explained to me that e.g. the annual pruning of organic vines or vines that bear no fruits anymore or have died are used for Rebenglut. Old red wine barrels are processed to smoke chips. The waste product, the ash, can be used as a natural fertilizer for beds. So the natural cycle is complete. Perfect Recycling!

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