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Upcycling Raffle – 5 Years Greenpicks

5 Years Greenpicks! – Fair Upcycling Raffle!

Upcycling Raffle: Marron Rouge Purse Jack Companion

Greenpicks celebrates the 5th birthday* and indulges you in a fair upcycling raffle with a sustainable price!

For attentive upcycling fans, we have a competition where you can really “cash up”. In October 2017, Greenpicks raffles the purse “Jack companion” by the French upcycling label Marron Rouge. The wallet is made from recycled canvas of a parachute bag.

More information about the French label Marron Rouge can be found on our brand page.

Fair Price: win an upcycled purse by Marron Rouge

Win an upcycled portemonnaie for yourself or just as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or other occasions. The raffle takes place at Greenpicks via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Greenpicks.de. How to participate, you will find in the respective post. You will receive your prize directly from Greenpicks. No cash withdrawal of prizes (value of 25.00 Euro).
» Conditions of Participation

Start: 5th of October 2017, 11.00 h a.m
Closing date: 6th of October 2017, 11:59 h p.m

Upcycling Raffle

*Since May 2015, the German- and English- speaking marketplace Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market has been run under the GREENPICKS® trademark, managed by Annette Husmann. The market place for sustainable and ecological products has emerged from www.upcycling-markt.de (Eco- and Upcyling-Market).

Eco Shopper instead of plastic bags

Eco Shopper instead of Plastic Bags

Much fuss about plastic bags. Supermarkets use abolishment as an eco heroic action.

While the practical, but under-fire plastic bag is available at some trade chains fee-based (about 20 Euro Cents), environmentalists are skeptical if a fee will put off buyers and let them rethink. German food companies in turn sell the abolition of plastic bags in their stores as an eco heroic action. Who walks mindfully through these stores will quickly discover superfluous plastic packaging. Food to go as portioned fruits, salads for lunch to sushi packed in the environmentally harmful and unhealthy plastic containers. At the fruit and vegetable counter plastic bags are still available. Window dressing for the hurried consumer! And for eco shopper you have to hunt.

The EU prescribes to reduce the use of plastic bags by the end of 2019 to a maximum of 90 and by the end of 2025 to a maximum of 40 pieces per person per year. Nothing is easier than to avoid plastic bags. Build up your ecological conscience. Because our reusable shopping bags fit into any handbag, in a backpack, in any briefcase. There are no longer any excuses.

Eco Shopper and Fruit- and Vegetable Bags made of Organic Cotton

The only and sustainable alternative for the plastic bag: Drop it! And use ecological alternatives. For that this works, Greenpicks presents you eco shopper and fruit- and vegetable bags made of certified organic cotton and other sustainable materials. Based on greenpicks.de/en recommendations, on our practical experiences and the most popular products that go through the online sales counter.

» go to all Eco Shopper / Shopping Bags

Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

Re-Sack Fruit- and Vegetable Bags made of Organic Cotton

The shopping bag and the vegetables nets are perfect for carrying your groceries from the supermarket to your home. The organic cotton bag can be put directly in the refrigerator because it is breathable.
Re-Sack  fruit- and vegetable bags fullfill 4 of 11 possible Greenpicks-Sustainability Criteria

Recycling & UpcyclingRaw materials from organic farmingFair + Socialenergy- and resource-efficient

  • Organic Cotton (GOTS certified)
  • Breathable
  • Food can be stored in the fridge
  • Sizes: 38 cm x 30 cm Re-Sack Net | 38 cm x 28 cm Re-Sack voille | 19 cm x 16 cm Re-Sack small
  • Price: from 8.95 Euro in 3-part set
  • Available in the shop of promavis

24 Lilybag: Smart Shopping with Upcycling Shopper

Every contribution counts – with the Lilybag actively for environment protection and social cooperation: ... the plastic bag substitutes for the Lilybag – with logical use it substitutes for statistical 76 plastic bags per year. With an expected life span of 10 years every user saves with it 760 plastic bags. Their price is simply calculated: 76 plastic bags per year x 0.20 euros / pieces = 14.44 euros (circularly: 14.50 euros)
Lilybag Upcycling Shopper fullfills 8 of 11 possible Greenpicks-Sustainability Criteria.
Recycling & UpcyclingFair + SocialCradle to Cradleenergy- and resource-efficientclimate-friendlyDurabilityHand madeRegional Production


  • Many different colours
  • Sizes: 35 x 32 cm
  • Price: 14.50 Euro
  • Available in the shop from reTHING

Upcycling Shopper from Marron Rouge

The next shopping can come. Particularly with this stylish upcycling shopping bag from the French Upcycling Label Marron Rouge! So you collect extra points in the health food store because you already emphasize on sustainability in the choice of shopping bag.
The Upcycling Shopper from Marron Rouge fullfills 5 of 11 possible Greenpicks-Sustainability Criteria.
Recycling & UpcyclingVeganFair + Socialenergy- and resource-efficientDurability


  • Upcycling and Recycling from inner tube and seatbelts.
  • Colour: black/red
  • Size: Height 25 cm width 15 cm. Base and high 56 cm. Length 26 cm.
  • Price: 69.00 Euro
  • Available in the shop from Marron Rouge

Carrier Bag made of Organic Cotton „Wenn Bayern ein Meer hätte“*

Practically, since the bag made from organic cotton is designed to fold quickly and stow in handbag, backpack or laptop bag. So you're ready for a spontaneous shopping. Also works accross Bavarian borders. 😉
* "If Bavaria had an ocean"

The Carrier Bag from Degree Clothing fullfills 4 of 11 possible Greenpicks-Sustainability Criteria

Raw materials from organic farmingVeganFair + Socialenergy- and resource-efficient

fregie – The Reusable Fruit- and Vegetable Net

fregie consists of tear-resistant, food-safe, recyclable plastic and can be reused for years. Its mesh structure ensures a low weight and allows easy cashing at the supermarket checkout. Thanks to the structure the reusable fruit- and vegetable net fregie is breathable, so that fruits and vegetables can be stored in it.
fregie fruit- and vegetable bags fullfill 4 of 11 possible Greenpicks-Sustainability Criteria

Recycling & Upcyclingenergy- and resource-efficientDurabilityRegional Production

  • Material: recyclable plastic
  • Made in Germany
  • Own Weight: 11.5 g
  • Size: 35 cm x 29 cm
  • Price:  3.50 Euro
  • Available in the shop of promavis

Upcycling-Design from France new in the range of Eco- and Upcycling-Market


Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge
Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge

The French label Marron Rouge combines design, environmental protection and the promotion of social projects in India.

Cologne, 11. December 2013 – On the Internet marketplace for sustainable and organic products fashionable living and fashion accessories of the French label Marron Rouge have recently become available. With this Eco- and Upcycling-Market extends its product line with a variety of high quality recycling- and upcycling products. “We are pleased to present with Marron Rouge a label that combines upcycling design exemplary with the social thought.” says Annette Husmann, owner of Eco- and Upcycling-Market. The variety of products in the field of ucycling is thus steadily expanded.

Upcycling-Design from France

The founder and creative head behind Marron Rouge is Jean-Marc Attia. He lives and works in Lyon, France. In his atelier in Lyon he creates the designs for a variety of decorative objects and fashion accessories. The products are manufactured in social projects in India. For reasons of environmental protection disposed materials are used as raw materials. The aim is to manage waste intelligently.

So many different materials are the starting point for stylish upcycling products: Tires and tubes, which are collected by poor people from Dehli and then sold to an NGO-recycling plant. Parachute bag fabric, which is acquired from the Indian Army. Jeans labels and safety belts as a remnant of expiring collections. In addition, plastic bottles, so recycled PET bottles, newsprint, which is artfully folded and interwoven, disused tailor measuring tapes, braided bamboo stalks and used fire hoses.

Marron Rouge offers various collections of bags, small furniture, decorative objects and home accessories. These have already found their way into various ethical boutiques and design stores specializing in several European countries.

It’s the mix

In addition to contemporary design, the products of Marron Rouge are characterized by the mixture of different materials. So parachute silk and bicycle tubes are combined and processed to attractive fashionable bags. Excess Jean labels are mixed with bicycle tires. From air hoses and braided bamboo small furnishings such as seat cushions, lamps and other lighting fixtures are created, And from recycled seatbelts seat stools and small rugs are made. Cuddly stuffed animals from organic cotton and fabric remnants arise in a workshop for reintegration in Calcutta. Eco toys of fair manner.

For his commitment Jean-Marc Attia has already received several awards. Marron Rouge is labeled with LYON EQUITABLE VILLE ET DURABLE (Lyon an environmentally friendly and sustainable city).

Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge

Marron Rouge: Upcycling-Design from France

Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge
Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge

When design, recycling/upcycling and social projects from India meet and are joined together, then something truly wonderful happens. So in the case of the French label Marron Rouge.

The man who stands behind this label is called Jean-Marc Attia. We met on the Ecostyle fair in Frankfurt, his warm and friendly nature have inspired me immediately.

Jean-Marc has known India for many years by activities in social projects and its various trips there. At some point of time this was no longer enough. In 2009, he finally got the idea to combine the environmental and social thought with style and design. He founded the label Marron Rouge. Continue reading Upcycling-Design from France: Marron Rouge