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More life quality through less

More life quality through less

Earthovershootday this year already on August 2, 2017, a progressive scarcity of resources, growing world population, climate change, melting “eternal” ice, weather extremes, the littering of the oceans – the list of the negative characteristics of our time could be continued even further.

In the face of these horrific developments one can quickly fall into a depression or resign. What can I do as an individual against all this? Admittedly, alone you are quite powerless if you want to save the world.

Fortunately, a sustainable lifestyle helps to contribute with joy and fun to an improvement, while at the same time enriching your own life.

As so-called consumers, we have a power that can not be underestimated, which we can make much better use of. Private consumption and the resulting production of goods play a large part in the above-mentioned developments.

A first step is certainly to move to sustainable products when it comes to consumption. For example, you can buy long-lasting or harmless items, or replace conventional products over the long term with sustainable ones.

Sustainable consumption as an entry into a life as a strategic, conscious consumer. The more people change their purchasing behavior in this direction, the greater the pressure on manufacturers and their motivation to produce products that are ecological, durable, recyclable, harmless and resource-efficient.

The mere shift to sustainable consumption in the sense of “the same in green” will, however, not be enough to effectively reduce the mad goods flows and mountains of items and thus, the absolute global environmental impacts.

What can be the solution? In addition to a focus on technological advances and resource efficiency, which has been stepped up in the sustainability debate, it is the approach of so-called “sufficiency”.

With sufficiency to a higher quality of life

Suffi-what? The concept of sufficiency is derived from Latin; The verb “sufficere” means “suffice”. In sufficiency it is the question of the right measure and the need to have as much as one’s own needs require. In the ecological context, sufficiency is the consideration of natural borders and resources and is accompanied by the lowest possible raw material consumption.

And what does this mean for me as an individual? I really do not want to do without anything. How can you, on an individual level, change your own consumption habits or your own lifestyle in such a way that fewer resources are consumed? And how can the quality of life of the individual be improved without consuming more, but on the contrary rather less?

More life quality through less - Vivienne Westwood

In the course of recent years, various possibilities and approaches have crystallized out and at least established in the niche how one can live better without consuming more. It is about time instead of commodity, alternatives to a lifestyle of the other, better and more beautiful.

Instead of buying and consuming more and more, for which you need more and more money and because of the rising working hours and at the same time sinking leisure time you have less and less opportunity to use the bought things, there is also a different way. Fun and joy are then found much more beyond the shopping center – in nature, in sport, in the joint cooking with friends.

Many people find their happiness in doing-it-yourself (cooking, preserving, handicrafts, etc.) and in the experience that they can repair something (which we unfortunately unlearn more and more in our throwaway society). Longevity of products and upcycling also play an important role. Self-catering by gardening or urban gardening are further approaches. And a very important starting point is the prevention of garbage, which can be operated through the use of reusable containers in a wide range of fields (ZeroWaste / LowWaste, plastic-free living).

We at Greenpicks have the vision to put these approaches more firmly in the foreground and to inspire more and more people. We dream of a movement that connects more and more people. Together for a better world.

Author: Annette Husmann

Nomination for the Startup of the Year 2015/2016

Greenpicks Is Nominated For Startup of the Year Readers Award 2015/2016

Fans Can Vote Online to Help GREENPICKS Win the Honourable Price: http://www.startupvalley.news/de/startup-of-the-year-leser-award-2015-2016/

Nomination of Greenpicks for Startup of the Year
Greenpicks is nominated for the Startup of the Year Readers Award 2015/2016

Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market announced yesterday that it has been nominated for the Startup of the Year Readers Award 2015/2016 by Startup Valley News. The magazine Startup Valley News awards the Startup company of the year by their readership. In the elevator pitch individual projects and companies are introduced. Continue reading Nomination for the Startup of the Year 2015/2016

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

Upcycling Exchange in Hannover
Upcycling Exchange in Hannover

“Waste prevention is easy if creative ideas inspire you.” – This is what the Hannover Upcycling Exchange does, which takes place for the first time on 12 September 2015.

With a mix of interesting supporting program and stalls with various upcycling exhibitors this promises to be an exciting afternoon. Trade visitors and curious will find items of educational institutions, shops and designers. Also present: Upcycling exhibition, materials and products to buy, hands-on activities and a money-free material exchange table. Everybody is cordially invited to get a taste of the world of upcycling, namely from 1 to 6 p.m. at Glocksee Bauhaus e.V. in Glockseestraße 35, 30169 Hannover. Continue reading Upcycling Exchange in Hannover 2015

From fishing net to Eco children’s swimwear with UV protection 50+

Eco children’s swimwear from recycled fishing nets

The new collection of children’s swimwear by the label early fish shows how you can skillfully combine environmental protection and water fun.

Eco children’s swimwear by early fish
Eco children’s swimwear by ©early fish

Small swimmers and mini sea dogs can rejoice: The new early fish swimming costumes for children are trendy and look witty. Due to a special weave children’s sensitive skin is well protected by the UV protection of 50+ against aggressive sunlight. The processed material is made environmentally friendly and resource-saving from no longer used plastic materials such as from old fishing nets. Continue reading From fishing net to Eco children’s swimwear with UV protection 50+

Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning

Eco-friendly spring cleaning is best achieved if one uses ecological cleaning and washing agents.

In the context of a sustainable lifestyle you also come into contact inevitably with the topic washing and cleaning agents. What should you pay attention to if you want to start already at home with the environment protection?

Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning with cleaning and washing agents from Scopus
Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning with cleaning and washing agents from Scopus

As a good example of this we would like to introduce the company Scopus. Innovative, ecological cleaning and washing agents are the core business. The Scopus GmbH uses in its product lines intentionally the power of nature. Thus, all products are completely biodegradable. Sustainability is the A and O when developping new processes and products.

Conventionally produced detergents usually contain synthetic surfactants, which are obtained on a petrochemical basis (crude oil), chemically produced water softener, bleach, enzymes, synthetic perfumes, optical brighteners and fillers. Also in conventional cleaning products a colorful cocktail of chemical ingredients can be found, such as chlorine, ammonia, solvents, acids, etc. In addition to the impact on the environment often allergies are caused by these compounds.

For ecologically produced detergents and cleaning agents are used surfactants from renewable raw materials instead. In a creative and innovative process Scopus has found the formula for a unique patented surfactant and does in all its products without conventional chemistry. From this arose legendary products such as food-grade fat burner Scopus Ultra and Scopus Fix or the detergent Biosid.

Marc Herbrandt, CEO of Scopus GmbH, calls his cleaning products the ultimate “mace against fat”. The exceptional ability to dissolve all grease, oil and soot into its components and remove them thereby, is extremely impressive. At the same time the ecological cleaners are absolutely food-safe, fully biodegradable and dermatologically safe.

The ecological detergent Biosid is a unique heavy-duty laundry detergent. Because of the fact that the detergent residues of Biosid remaining in the fiber with each washing do not cause any irritation on sensitive skin, Biosid is excellent for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from neurodermatitis or psoriasis. In addition, the textiles are preserved during the washing process and thereby remain a longer shelf life.

Biosid is based on purely organic ingredients, is completely ecologically degradable and has been reviewed by a renowned independent German test institute as skin and dermatologically safe.

If you want to convince yourself of the environmentally friendly cleaning power of Scopus products, you can try out the exclusive put-together package which is coming with each a 500 ml spray bottle Scopus Fix kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, equipment and machinery cleaners, sanitary cleaners and a 1 liter bottle Biosid detergent. So not only an eco-friendly spring cleaning succeeds, but you are guaranteed all set for the remaining time of the year.

ehrtweibchen in interview – a sustainable metamorphose

Charlotte Ehrt, the founder of ehrtweibchen in interview

with Eco- and Upcycling-Market.

ehrtweibchen in interview
Portrait Charlotte Ehrt © Larissa Meyer

Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Charlotte Ehrt and I create special plush toys from recycled textiles.
During the almost seven years lasting partnership with my trusty Veritas sewing machine we have produced nearly 600 “children” – most of them are already out of the house, but all cuddly soft and washable at 30 degrees. Continue reading ehrtweibchen in interview – a sustainable metamorphose