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Are minimalism and comfort compatible?

Minimalism Comfort Tipps
Are minimalism and cosiness compatible? © streitline

Many people associate cosiness with the beginning of autumn which extends into the winter and is gently detached by spring. Especially in autumn arises the need to customize the own four walls pleasantly, which ends with crowded spaces for some fellows. Here, minimalism and comfort do not exclude in any way.

Combining the minimalist lifestyle with a cosy atmosphere makes life easier, more relieved and more environmentally friendly. It reduces your carbon footprint without having you to quit a grain of comfort. On top of that minimalism saves money and time. And who has time can enjoy: the cosiness in fall, the comfort in winter, the awakening and sprouting nature in spring and the warmth and long days during summer.

Minimalism does not mean to live the lifestyle of a monk or like in the Stone Age, but to handle with as little as possible, but really with as much as you need. The comfort factors count next to some beautiful things and sustainable consumer goods especially sensitive values and the disposal of everyday burden.

How to bring the minimalism trend to your home and how to create a cozy atmosphere, we have composed in our Minimalism Comfort Tipps. Continue reading Are minimalism and comfort compatible?