Relaunch: Eco- and Upcycling-Market becomes Greenpicks

Online marketplace modern and comfortable after major overhaul

Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market is here! We are happy and relieved to complete successfully our relaunch and rebranding project after a very intense and very busy time. On you see the result.

Relaunch - We have moved
Relaunch – We have moved

After a major overhaul Eco- and Upcycling-Market (up to now: presents itself more clearly and considerably rejuvenated. The online marketplace for sustainable and upcycling products now operates under “Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market” ( Our previous curated one-product shop Greenpicks remains as “Pick of the Week” inside the new website.

The new website is characterized by a fresh design, simple workflows, high usability and clear pages with high information density. For all offered products can be seen, how they meet the required sustainability criteria. Many filtering options make it easier to browse on topics, shop and brand pages as well as in the categories. Thanks to responsive design it is also possible to browse conveniently on the website via tablet and smartphone.

How it all began … and developped

When we started in 2012 with our online marketplace, the idea at the forefront was to provide a platform for vendors, distributors, designers, creative of ecological and upcycling products. We were and still are fascinated by everything that is behind it – the motivation of the people, the environmental concerns, the desire for beauty and goodness. And we wanted and want to promote sustainable consumption.

We approached our idea with a lot of enthusiasm. We came mainly from the content side. With a healthy dose of naivety that makes it at all possible to start a business out of idealism. If you knew previously, what this is all about and what you will experience, you probably would not put it into action.

Although not everything run smoothly and developed as we would have liked it to, we never got discouraged and hold our enthusiasm upright. And we have learned a lot. About the mechanisms that determine the trade on the Internet, technology, usability of websites, search engine optimization, the effect of web design, state-of-the-art at the features and functionalities that make up a modern website. About the sustainability and upcycling scene. And about the people – in front and behind the scenes. All this has prompted us to subject our online marketplace a complete overhaul. Because we believe in our ideas and want as many to become infected with our fever!

In recent months we have swirled with high efforts that the delicate plant Eco- and Upcycling-Market becomes a beautiful and vigorous plant. Coinciding with the relaunch of our Internet marketplace, we give it a new name. Our previous one-product shop Greenpicks is integrated into the online marketplace as a “Pick of the Week” and join the existing name to the tuneful and catchy brand “Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market”.

Relaunch: Old and new in comparison

To give an impression of how the website changed the design here the old and new homepage and product page:

Relaunch: Homepage Eco- and Upcycling-Market
Homepage Eco- and Upcycling-Market
Relaunch: Homepage Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market
Homepage Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market
Relaunch: Product detail page Eco- and Upcycling-Market
Product detail page Eco- and Upcycling-Market
Relaunch: Product detail page Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market
Product detail page Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market

Motivation, Vision and Goals

First up is still our goal to promote sustainable consumption. Thus, to give an more and more wider circle of people access to sustainable products and ideas for a sustainable lifestyle. Read more here.

Our vision is to bring as many sustainably produced and durable products in the world – not additionally but instead of conventionally produced goods.

To get closer to this goal, it was necessary in our view to modernize our internet platform and thus make it fit for the future. Because we want that users like to surf on our website. And most importantly, that they find quickly the information they are looking for.

Our perception is that more and more consumers ask critical questions, want to know something about the background and because of that focus on sustainable products. We therefore continue to see great potential in the field of strategic and conscious consumption.

We can not save the world with Greenpicks though. It would be presumptuous to believe that this was possible. But it is our way to make a small contribution for a better world.

The principle of sustainable management can be found, incidentally, also in the business philosophy of Greenpicks. We operate our marketplace on our own, want to remain independent and grow organically.

Thanks to all contributors

At this point I would like to thank everyone sincerely who helped that the new website of Greenpicks could become reality.

A big thank you to

  • the team of JaJuMa Market for web development, implementation, consulting and grand continuing engagement
  • Iris Streit for her tireless efforts behind the scenes
  • Stephan Gärtner, SteGaSoft, for his active support and advice
  • Wolfgang Kierdorf for his expert advice, psychological and moral support and assistance in testing
  • Jana and Claudia, nonmodo, who designed our beautiful new logo
  • Felix Bauer, Warenkorb, for his helpful SEO tips
  • Julia Tiede of petomino for exchange of ideas and moral encouragement
  • David Pferrer for the great illustrations
  • Heike Schmidt for her support in our press work
  • Andrea Bardolatzy, Holger, Eliaw and Barry, who have helped diligently testing
  • Gaby Mahler, Sundara Paper Art, for advice and feedback on the web design
  • Andrea Wischnewsky, ÖkoBabystore, for the mental and moral support
  • all shops and vendors already represented at Eco- and Upcycling-Market who went the way with us and motivated and supported us
  • And last not least to family and friends, for that they supported me and patiently and tolerantly accepted my months lasting fallen-off-the-face-of-the-earth