From fishing net to Eco children’s swimwear with UV protection 50+

Eco children’s swimwear from recycled fishing nets

The new collection of children’s swimwear by the label early fish shows how you can skillfully combine environmental protection and water fun.

Eco children’s swimwear by early fish
Eco children’s swimwear by ©early fish

Small swimmers and mini sea dogs can rejoice: The new early fish swimming costumes for children are trendy and look witty. Due to a special weave children’s sensitive skin is well protected by the UV protection of 50+ against aggressive sunlight. The processed material is made environmentally friendly and resource-saving from no longer used plastic materials such as from old fishing nets.

early fish is one of the first labels, that uses the yarn from recycled fishing nets of the “Healthy Seas” initiative. This initiative collects plastic marine debris – especially fishing nets left behind in the sea – to put it back to feed the value chain. In a regeneration process therefrom a pure raw material is recovered – without loss of quality. From this recycled material, the early fish Swimwear is made.

“Healthy Seas” initiative

Aquafil ECNC Land & Sea Group and Star Sock have joined forces to promote the initiative “The Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear”. The main objective of the initiative is to remove waste residues and especially fishing nets located in the seas and oceans. The aim is to achieve a healthier marine environment and to allow the reuse of abandoned marine debris.

Fishing nets salvaged from the seas are too often burned or transported to landfills. With the initiative “Healthy Seas” fishing nets are regenerated and converted into ECONYL ® fibers, which then serve as raw material for new and aesthetically pleasing products such as hosiery, swimwear, underwear, carpets, etc.

Fishing nets, which are left as waste, are an open wound for our ecosystem. According to a report written jointly by FAO and UNEP it is estimated that 640,000 tons of fishing nets are left behind and that they represent a tenth of all marine debris. The nets remain for hundreds of years in the marine ecosystem and are responsible for the incidental capture and the often resulting death of dolphins and other marine animals such as turtles and sea birds.

Eco children’s swimwear and Eco kids fashion early fish

Founded by the Karlsruhe fashion designer Jutta Jung in 2010 the Eco-label early fish provides ecological children’s fashion from 100 % organic cotton for girls and boys. Jutta Jung designs timeless and at the same time witty collections, where the material mix convinces. Comfortable cuts and pleasant fabrics make each piece a favourite part. early fish uses only organic cotton and recycled materials. This is how feel-good stuff for little adventurers come up.

Overall for kids made of organic cotton – Eco Kids Fashion
Overalls for kids made of organic cotton © early fish

The range includes comfort clothing suitable for everyday made from cotton jersey and knitted terry, supplemented with bathrobes and towels and various accessories.

There is a new eco-friendly swimwear collection for children from recycled materials with UV protection 50+.

The production standards for organic children’s fashion from early fish are:

  • Ecological and socially acceptable standards throughout the production chain
  • Materials: organic cotton and recycled materials
  • Eco-friendly and gentle coloring and lettering
  • All prints are printed on recycled paper with organic colors
  • Climate neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen

Click here for the current Children’s swimwear of early fish.

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