Are minimalism and comfort compatible?

Minimalism Comfort Tipps
Are minimalism and cosiness compatible? © streitline

Many people associate cosiness with the beginning of autumn which extends into the winter and is gently detached by spring. Especially in autumn arises the need to customize the own four walls pleasantly, which ends with crowded spaces for some fellows. Here, minimalism and comfort do not exclude in any way.

Combining the minimalist lifestyle with a cosy atmosphere makes life easier, more relieved and more environmentally friendly. It reduces your carbon footprint without having you to quit a grain of comfort. On top of that minimalism saves money and time. And who has time can enjoy: the cosiness in fall, the comfort in winter, the awakening and sprouting nature in spring and the warmth and long days during summer.

Minimalism does not mean to live the lifestyle of a monk or like in the Stone Age, but to handle with as little as possible, but really with as much as you need. The comfort factors count next to some beautiful things and sustainable consumer goods especially sensitive values and the disposal of everyday burden.

How to bring the minimalism trend to your home and how to create a cozy atmosphere, we have composed in our Minimalism Comfort Tipps.

Less Is More

No matter how big or small your apartment or your house is, clear out and create space for the things you need that are important to you and which you like.

Minimalism and Comfort
My Home is my Castle © streitline

Follow to the idea:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris


Some dominate chaos, others feel much more comfortable in a tidy environment. Here minimalists have a clear advantage: If you do not have lots, you have little to tidy and clean. Order in the apartment also ensures clarity in the mind.
A minimalist room might not appear cold and uncomfortable. To stage skillfully a minimalist furnished apartment, everything should have its place and be tidied. Dishes, glasses, kitchen accessories and clothes can be accommodated in simple furniture made of natural wood or upcycling furniture. Who loves the chaos, perhaps builds a walk-in closet. Close the door, chaos invisible!
Only selected favourite things are presented in open shelves. Decorative items are thereby placed sensibly and accented. And sometimes it is simply practical for things that you have in your daily grasp, to accommodate them in upcycling shelves, such as spices.

Mix of Materials, Colours and Shapes

Bright colours on the walls and in the interior create cosiness in “minimalist style”. Bright rooms, cream to white coloured, subtle gray and brown tones and natural colours, illuminated by daylight or indirect lighting and interspersed with natural surfaces, provide a cosy and gentle atmosphere to feel well. This is where different materials contrast. White blends well combined with wood, natural tones and colourful accents. Haptically pleasant surfaces and fabrics with structure, such as cushions from recycled coffee bag and a blanket made from certified organic virgin wool or organic cotton plush ensure a warming atmosphere.
If one has initially prioritized the furnishing according to usefulness, you can concentrate on materials and shapes. Furniture is dominated by clean lines and simple elegance. Eco-friendly furniture made of light natural wood, but also upcycling furniture made of europallets or recycled cardboard contribute to cosiness.

Details and Accessories

In a minimalist interior style, its special attribute is in the detail. Show with sparsely dosed, but embosomed home accessories what lies at your heart. Place carefully selected details as randomly arranged. This ensures nonchalance and comfort in your own home. This can even be DIY objects such as a bowl made of clay, but also acquired timber elements and design pieces. Woolen blankets made from certified organic wool, pillows, perhaps filled with organic millet husks surrounded by a coloured pillowcase and pollutant-free fluffy and colourful rugs set contrasts and create a snugly atmosphere. Restraint is indicated even in their style. Geometric shapes, clean lines and very subtle patterns can be integrated at their best.

Atmosphere of Lighting and Warmth

The light plays a crucial role for cosiness. Rooms, flooded with daylight appear warm and inviting. And in the dark indirect lighting and minimalist, accentuated light sources in warm yellowish light colours provide comfort. Even the flickering of candles is very homey and generates warmth.
When days and nights are getting colder in autumn, but not yet icecold, you do not necessarily have to turn up the heating. This dries the air, but is not stringently comfortable. Just cuddle yourself in your favourite sweater and “smurf” trouser and hand-knitted socks. Or slip into the feel-well clothing by slumber4you; cuddly hoodie and comfortable trouser made from soft organic cotton. Also candles and a hot cup of organic tea give off heat. For those who appreciate energizing liquids, there is recommended porcelain and glassware by Nature’s Design.

Scents, Music and good Food

Also for minimalists scents, music and good food belong to comfort. After all, it’s not about starving and waiver, but rather to enjoy. Natural scents, such as starting from a fragrance bag with lavender, orange peels or a soy wax scented candle beguile the senses. A tasty seasoned (vegan) food or a stew enchant your palate. A pumpkin soup, a chicken soup or a creamy potato soup warm inside. And cooked in large quantities, they can be frozen in portions in plastic-free storage boxes. The next time you are shivering or at a burgeoning cold chicken soup is a scientifically proven secret that contributes to recovery.

Offer your auditory passage a treat for the ears and pamper yourself with relaxing sounds. In the digital age you do not need a cabinet or shelf full of CDs or DVDs. An MP3 player or a laptop / PC with internet access provide music from around the world to you.

Minimalism & Comfort

Minimalism and Cosiness
Minimalism and Cosiness: Less is more … freedom … environment protection © streitline

Minimalism is much more than just a trend. It is an alternative lifestyle that combines sustainability, naturalness and conscious consumption and includes a cosy atmosphere. Minimalism is the way from the outer to inner order. Greenpicks treats the topic “minimalism and cosiness” on its marketplace and introduces sustainable products for a minimalist lifestyle.