Personal Climate Protection – Act now!

For a better climate

The Climate Protection Conference has negotiated two weeks in December 2015 in Paris about how global warming can be slowed. The result is a milestone in the history of the climate summit.

For the first time 195 member states have contracted to do something concrete to protect the climate. This historic event sets the general conditions for climate-protecting measures. The states must fill it with concrete climate actions. For example:

  • Renewable energy as an energy source of the future.
  • Global energy transition: away from carbon and crude oil to renewable energy.
  • New development projects between industrialized and developing countries.
  • Support of weak countries by the developed countries in addressing the adverse effects of climate change

Personal Climate Protection

Today and now, everybody can participate with everyday decisions on active climate protection. With these things you achieve rapidly success:

1. Change to Green Energy

Climate Protection with Green Energy by Wind Turbines
Climate Protection with Green Energy by Wind Turbines







2. Environmentally-friendly mobility: by bicycle, bus or train instead of car and airplane (and if so: compensate CO2!

Climate Protection with environmentally-friendly mobility
Climate Protection with environmentally-friendly mobility






3. Eat less meat.

Climate Protection: Eat less meat
Climate Protection: Eat less meat






4. Conscious consuming: only buy things if you actually need them.

5. Shop sustainably, whether in your own town or online.

6. Prefer local and seasonal products and food.

Climate Protection with local and seasonal products and food
Climate Protection with local and seasonal products and food






7. Avoid foods and cosmetics that contain palm oil.

8. Buy preferably unpackaged food and other products. Avoid plastic packaging, whenever and wherever it is possible.

Climate Protection: Avoid plastic packaging
Climate Protection: Avoid plastic packaging








9. Buy drinks in reusable packaging.

10. Replace defective items by sustainable alternatives.

11. Wash your laundry with ecological and biodegradable detergents.

12. Clean your apartment or house with organic detergents.

13. Let worn shoes be resoled at the shoe repairer.

14. Button lost, zipper broken or even a small hole in the favourite piece of clothing? – For those who may not sew, often local small tailorings can help to repair clothes. And usually for little money. – And if nothing at all helps, broken T-shirts, jeans, towels, bed linen can be converted as cleaning cloths eg for shoes or for the bike. In renovation you can protect furniture from paint splashes with old linens.

Added value for a sustainable lifestyle

With these measures you do not only stand for a greener environment but also protect it. With your awareness for a sustainable lifestyle and with your demand for sustainable products you take affect on:

  • Your carbon footprint.
  • Your direct and indirect water consumption.
  • Eco-friendly production.
  • Fair and social payment and treatment of employees in the manufacturing establishments.
  • Clearing of the Rainforest (eg for palmoil)
  • To establish sustainable ways of doing business.
  • Your consumption is your power to put pressure on companies to provide products and services that are consistently produced sustainably.

Eco seals for food like Bioland, demeter, Naturland, Gaä, Biopark, EcoVin, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Biokreis are proved and tested seals and meet a certain level of transparency and credibility.
Orientation for sustainable fashion and textiles are given by the seals IVN, Textiles Vertrauen (ÖkoTex Standard 100), GOTS, Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, The Blue Angel.
Eco cosmetics and care products can be recognized by the seals BDIH Controlled Natural Cosmetics, Fairtrade und NaTrue.
When buying furniture, decoration and household articles the seals The Blue Angel, Oeko Control, FSC, PEFC, Naturland and eco-INSTITUT give bio-compatible information.

Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market and the same-named blog offer alternatives and consumer tips for those who want to live sustainably. The sustainability criteria on the online marketplace for ecological products provide information about the sustainable quality of each product.

Climate Protection: Sustainabilty Criteria of Greenpicks
Climate Protection: Sustainabilty Criteria of Greenpicks

Act now!

Do not wait until the politics and the UN member states agree on and transform common climate change protection goals. As is known, official mills grind slowly until the implementation of the goals achieve climate-protective results.