Upcycling and more at Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013

Impressions from Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013

The trade fair for sustainable consumption – “Heldenmarkt” – takes place in several German cities meanwhile. This time I visited the Heldenmarkt (market for heroes) in Frankfurt.

Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany

In a beautiful hall with a remarkable wooden roof construction about 75 exhibitors presented their products and services in the fields of fashion, food, investment, health and other sustainable consumer goods.

Alternative Barbeque Lighter

I liked especially the alternative products for grilling of the company Rebenglut. In a very informative and friendly conversation the owner explained to me that e.g. the annual pruning of organic vines or vines that bear no fruits anymore or have died are used for Rebenglut. Old red wine barrels are processed to smoke chips. The waste product, the ash, can be used as a natural fertilizer for beds. So the natural cycle is complete. Perfect Recycling!

Alternative Dental Care

Also a product of alternative dental care caught my eye – the toothbrush SWAK. Here you clean your teeth with miswak. These are soft fibrous woods that grow in Africa, the Orient, or the East Indies. The miswak-bristle head is embedded in a plastic handle, which is made from petroleum-free renewable resources. I have tested this alternative toothbrush on the spot with a piece of Miswak and was very impressed after the first time. The teeth were nicely even. Only the usual toothpaste flavor was missing. But I could get used to it.

Perfect Upcycling

In addition to these discoveries, there were also very interesting new contacts to upcycling manufacturers. Green Spirit produces impressive stable colorful baskets, trays and table mats made of waste paper. Old newspapers are also the basis for the artfully woven design pieces of transFORMATE, such as cases, bags, boxes and screens. At Fraktali especially the great designed coffee table on the basis of a washing machine drum captured my attention. And at Goodfellers old archive boxes of the city of Frankfurt serve as boxes for specially designed sketchbooks. A good example of how valuable objects may be saved from the disposal. Perfect Upcycling!

Because, as the operator of Eco- and Upcycling-Market I like to convince myself of the sustainability of the products that are offered by current and future shop owners on www.upcycling-markt.com (since 2015 www.greenpicks.de/en). So verified quality.

Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013: Romana Proch from Monalito
Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013: Romana Proch from Monalito
Gerrit and Janos from kleiderhelden with Annette from Eco- and Upcycling-Market at Heldenmarkt Frankfurt
Gerrit and Janos from kleiderhelden with Annette from Eco- and Upcycling-Market at Heldenmarkt Frankfurt 2013
And it was great again to exchange views with Romana and Michael of Monalito about future ideas and projects. Monalito offers the Pendulo baby cradle and Dopper in its shop on Eco- and Upcycling-Market (since 2015 Greenpicks) – both sustainable products.
Gerrit and Janos of kleiderhelden announced to expand their productline in organic men’s underwear.
A completely successful visit. I’m looking forward to the next Heldenmarkt events in Stuttgart and Berlin in November this year.