Continued cooperation with Ecostyle 2014

Cooperation Partner: Eco- and Upcycling-Market and Ecostyle
Cooperation Partner: Eco- and Upcycling-Market and Ecostyle

Eco- and Upcycling-Market is cooperation partner of the Ecostyle also in the second year.

From 30 August to 2 September 2014 Messe Frankfurt will be showing its green side again: Ecostyle – the trade fair for sustainable consumer goods – will be opening its gates for the second time. It is a platform for verified sustainable products which are highly convincing in their state-of-the-art design. This trade fair format is currently unique in Germany. The exhibition will feature major brands as well as innovative newcomers. Here, the Ecostyle is quite international, because the manufacturers of green lifestyle and design products come from Germany and abroad.

The fair is staged simultaneously to the Tendence consumer goods fair and is geared towards retailers and trade buyers wishing to expand their product range by sustainable products. Trade visitors will find offers and products here from the segments of interiors & design, fashion & accessories, house & garden, children & toys, sports & leisure, desk & office as well as beauty & enjoyment. Trade visitors can also expect a comprehensive supporting programme in the form of lectures and workshops on the topic of “Sustainability in the Retail Trade”.

With the concept of the Ecostyle the Trade fair Frankfurt contributes to the trend that the market for “green” products is growing rapidly in the areas of living, fashion, office, leisure and gifts. Because the young urban consumers are integrating ecology, social values and regionality with their consumption patterns, without foregoing the trend factor. The organiser, Messe Frankfurt is taking up this market trend and with the Ecostyle fair is offering a European trade fair for professionals showcasing credibly verified, sustainable consumer goods.

Advisory committee checks consumer goods
The special feature of the Ecostyle: An advisory committee guarantees the sustainability of the exhibited consumer products. The panel is made up of internationally recognised and independent experts and will comprehensively assess the sustainability criteria of all products. It has a power of veto. Ecostyle is open to all consumer goods manufacturers with sustainable product lines, while also welcoming service providers and organisations that work in sustainability. Companies are admitted if their product line-up at this trade fair meets the following five assessment criteria:

  1. Minimal ecological footprint
    The exhibited products must integrate any externalised lifecycle costs of production and use and must do so as broadly and comprehensively as possible.
  2. High level of product quality
    The products must be the result of high-quality workmanship, long-lasting, easy to repair and to update, functional and aesthetically appealing.
  3. Efficient utilisation of materials and energy
    Energy and materials must be used as sparingly as possible in production and throughout the product lifecycle and must then be recycled, reused or returned to the value chain wherever possible.
  4. Positive social and cultural impact
    The manufacture and utilisation of the products must promote social and cultural development, e.g. in working conditions, wage levels, corporate policies, cultural values and fair trade conditions.
  5. Outstanding transparency
    The products, the conditions under which they are manufactured and their usage characteristics must be communicated in an open, transparent and informative manner so that purchasers and consumers are able to make responsible and sustainable buying decisions

So as a visitor you can be sure that the products displayed really meet the requirements of sustainability and it is not about greenwashing.

Besides the possibility to learn about sustainable products,the trade show offers even more with its supporting program:

Another important component of the trade fair is a range of informative talks on trends and numerous presentations given by exhibitors. The Ecostyle programme of presentations comprises plenty of high-quality demonstrations and other inspiring content on “sustainable consumption”.
There is a range of opportunities for finding out more about the fundamentals of sustainability, manufacturing processes, quality seals, etc.
Also the exchange of ideas and networking with like-minded retailers, experts and other stakeholders is intended.

Also on offer are two special exhibitions:

Special exhibition “Ecodesign Award”
The German Eco-Design Award was created by the German Ministry for the Environment together with the German Environmental Agency. It is awarded for innovative products, services and ideas that are both aesthetically and ecologically convincing.

Special exhibition “react”
React is an exhibition held as part of the ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design & Sustainability, highlighting young, innovative design labels – labels with a focus on environmental awareness and fair trade, not as a trend but as a matter of principle.

We are already looking forward to the Ecostyle and are very excited about the exhibitors and products that will be on display this year!

Fair Partners from Greenpicks (previously Eco- and Upcycling-Market)