DIY Upcycling Stool build from Olive Oil Canister

Build yourself a unique upcycling stool from an olive oil canister

Have you also brought yourself olive oil in a canister from the last holidays in Spain or Greece? And now – after the delicious olive oil is consumed – the olive oil canisters mingles around unused. Because it is so beautiful and you associate memories with it, you can’t part from it. Or does it wait for the next garbage collection? – That isn’t necessary.

Something like that happened to Annette Husmann, owner of Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market. From friends blessed with delicious olive oil in a canister, she did not want to part from the pretty decorative object. A walk in the toolshed brought some material remains of a small construction project to light. How the small upcycling stool originated from an olive oil canister, show the subsequent film.

What you need:
1 x olive oil canister
1 x wooden plate
2 x corner angles of stainless material
8 x wood screws
1 x threaded rods M8
2 x M8 washers (stainless steel) *
2 x M8 nuts (stainless steel) *
2 x caps M8 (stainless steel) *
Sand (or other filler)
possibly side cutter
possibly hacksaw

* bought new, costs 1.23 EUR

That’s how it’s done:

1. First clean oil canister thoroughly inside and outside, so that no more oil residues remain in the interior.

2. Remove the handle which is located on top of the canister with side cutter, provided that the wooden plate does not rest completely flat and the handle is in the way.

3. Lay wood panel on the olive oil canister and determine position for corner angle. (By the way, in its first life the wooden plate was a door handle on a front door.)

4. Install corner angles on wooden plate.

5. Put wood panel again on the canister and determine position of the threaded rod. Mark holes on the canister and drill with metal drill the tin.

6. Cut threaded rod to the length that it is slightly shorter than the wooden plate and does not poke out underneath. Grind sawed surface, so that no sharp edges remain.

7. Fill the empty canister with sand before the final assembly. This stabilizes the stool.

8. Apply wooden plate with preinstalled corner angles on the oil canister, push tailored threaded rod through the corner angles and connect corner angles with washers and nuts to the canister.

9. Finally, screw the caps to the ends of the threaded rod. So you do not scratch yourself and enhance the appearance of the stool.

Green Lifestyle unique item of olive oil canister

Thus, from a holiday gift results a small Upcycling stool which finds its place in the garden, in the living room, bedroom or winter garden. Quasi wherever it is needed. Minimalists love the stool as a side table beside a bed or couch. It is not only stable, but also durable because of the sand filling. This Green Lifestyle object is therefore unique, including small scratches and dents that tell charming details from the past.

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