SOLOSOCKS: With Danish design against fading socks

Interview with Niki Morabbi of URU Design about the invention of SOLOSOCKS TM and the innovative, sustainable design label from Copenhagen

Greenpicks: Please introduce yourself and the label URU briefly.

Nick: The Company URU Design is a new Danish fashion clothing company with the mission to combine Danish design with innovative ideas and sustainability.
Today, not many companies deliver all three elements in one product. Our ambition is to create high-end Danish design based on unique innovative ideas using quality organic materials. Not an easy job. But that’s the promise.

SOLOSOCKS - The First Creation SOLOSOCKS – The First Creation Continue reading SOLOSOCKS: With Danish design against fading socks

Sweet dreams with organic bedding by ia io

Nina Wood, the founder of the label ia io, offers since 2011 premium organic bedding from organic cotton satin and organic cotton. Here in this interview, she tells everything about the background, of her vision and motivation.

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Now I have been living in Berlin since 1986. I originally studied architecture. After graduation I worked in various architectural offices and in the real estate department of a bank. I was involved in the detailed design of various commercial buildings and worked in social housing. I liked working as an architect, but there are too many dependencies. Architectural design and the realization of architecture are dependent on many factors, people and building laws.

Nina Wood from ia io
Nina Wood from ia io

To me it was always important to be able to work self-determined and independently and be creative by producing something useful. Whether you plan a building, a piece of furniture or built up organic bedding – the development process is similar. If you can hand over a healthy, sustainable, fair produced, high quality product under your own label to satisfied customers in the end, this is just a beautiful thing! Continue reading Sweet dreams with organic bedding by ia io

ehrtweibchen in interview – a sustainable metamorphose

Charlotte Ehrt, the founder of ehrtweibchen in interview

with Eco- and Upcycling-Market.

ehrtweibchen in interview
Portrait Charlotte Ehrt © Larissa Meyer

Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Charlotte Ehrt and I create special plush toys from recycled textiles.
During the almost seven years lasting partnership with my trusty Veritas sewing machine we have produced nearly 600 “children” – most of them are already out of the house, but all cuddly soft and washable at 30 degrees. Continue reading ehrtweibchen in interview – a sustainable metamorphose