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Greenpicks Green Thoughts on Black Friday

Green Thoughts on Black Friday
Green Thoughts on Black Friday

Greenpicks thoughts on Black Friday

Everything is for sale,
Everything is to buy.
Small gifts
up to big white refrigerators.

The only thing you do not get on #BlackFriday
is true love
And running through the rain
No, you can not buy that
that is not for sale.

(© borrowed from Herman van Veen and slightly adapted to the zeitgeist)

The consumption binge on Black Friday – an ecological disaster! Therefore Greenpicks recommends: buy sustainable and fair and only what you need!

At the big climate strike of Fridays for future

The clock is ticking - Fridays for future
The clock is ticking – Fridays for future

Greenpicks at the big climate strike of Fridays for future in Cologne

Bright sunshine, perfect weather, the Cologne Cathedral in the background – ideal conditions for a day of sightseeing.
But there are more important things at the moment: On this Friday morning at the end of May 2019, about 12,000 pupils, students, parents and other participants gather in Cologne on the Roncalliplatz for the big climate strike. This makes them part of the global climate strike initiated by the Fridays for Future movement on the occasion of the European elections. As a Cologne-based company, owner Annette Husmann of Greenpicks has taken up the cause to support the young climate protesters today. With the online marketplace, founded in 2012, it is her heartfelt concern to counteract climate change with sustainable products.

Big Strike Fridays for future Cologne May 2019
Big Strike Fridays for future Cologne May 2019

Before the kick-off rally begins, one might think that one has landed on a very large schoolyard, amidst many pupils of different ages, who are talking animatedly. If there were not the countless posters and creative demo signs that the participants firmly hold in their hands and in the air.
You can feel the energy that emanates from the young people. Lively and full of zest for action. With big applause they acknowledge the starting signal of the rally, which is given by the organizers of the “Lauti”, one of the two loudspeaker carriages. The guest role is quickly filed with so much momentum. “Despite the age, I feel part of the whole,” says Annette. “And I feel encouraged to make an important contribution to climate protection with Greenpicks.”

Demands to the policy

The speeches of the opening rally make it clear how much anger has accumulated among the youth. Anger at the fact that politicians are not doing more to stop the climate crisis and implement concrete and effective measures. In particular, the 17-year-old Jana does not mince her words and addresses her dissatisfaction to the German Federal Government. “You praise us instead of changing your politics. We do not want your praise, we want concrete action!”, she shouts and gets thunderous applause. “We have a big problem,” she says about the future prospects of her generation, “and our own government denies the radical urgency of the climate crisis.” As a sign of solidarity, a science representative speaks to the crowd and reiterates the appalling connections between man-made emissions and the climate.

Feet are like a car, only much better!
Feet are like a car, only much better!
Thin Ice, my friend!
Thin Ice, my friend!
Previously, the fish was in the pack, today the pack is in the fish
Previously, the fish was in the pack, today the pack is in the fish

At the demonstration march through the center of Cologne, the students then really show what they are made of. Peaceful but powerful, alive and loud it bangs through the streets: “What do we need? Climate justice! When do we need it? Now!” and “coal companies, dredging in the distance, destroying our environment, just for a penny, and when we see our future: renewable energy!”

Climate demonstrators: Parents for Future and Scientists for Future

According to Fridays for future, more than 1,660 cities in more than 120 countries and a total of 1.6 million young people around the world participated in the global climate strike to strike and fight for the future of humanity and more climate protection. In Germany alone, more than 320,000 people participated in more than 280 cities and towns. The pupils are supported by several other movements, especially the Parents for Future and the Scientists for Future.

Fridays for future Cologne May 2019
Fridays for future Cologne May 2019

The support of now 26,800 scientists (as of May 31, 2019) is for sure for the movement Fridays for Future. Also, more than 1,500 entrepreneurs (as of May 31, 2019) have joined forces in the support movement Entrepreneurs for Future in order to give further expression to the urgency of the demands and to show that sustainable business is awfully well possible. The statements of both organizations have also been signed by Greenpicks.

Seasons are more irregular than my period #FFF
Seasons are more irregular than my period #FFF

We keep our fingers crossed that the demands of the young people are finally taken seriously by the policy, taken up and implemented. The result of the European elections in 2019 among the parties in Germany suggests at least that the topic of climate protection is also becoming more in the focus of the former people’s parties.

The next global climate strike is scheduled for 20 September 2019. We will see what will have happened so far.


Photos © Greenpicks,

Editor’s note: For privacy reasons according to DSGVO the faces of the participants were pixelated.

Greenpicks supports plastic waste collection in Port Grimaud

Thumbs up for Greenpick's plastic waste collection campaign in Port Grimaud
Thumbs up for Greenpick’s plastic waste collection campaign in Port Grimaud

Greenpicks supports plastic waste collection campaign in Port Grimaud

Fine sand, beach walks, secluded coves and crystal clear water – that is the romantic idea of a perfect holiday by the sea. On many beaches in the world, however, garbage mountains from plastic spoil the holiday pleasure. More and more water sports people are documenting on the internet surfing on a wave of plastic.

Greenpicks’ plastic waste collection campaign in Port Grimaud is already showing the abundance of many plastic products. We entrust to all peoples heart spending their holidays on the beach to the careful use of plastic and a responsible waste disposal.

Unfortunately, the EU ban on plastic will only come into force in the year 2021. Then there must be recyclable alternatives to plastic cutlery, plates, straws, cotton swabs and drink stirrers, as well as to polystyrene frothed food and beverage packaging (e.g., yoghurt pots). Continue reading Greenpicks supports plastic waste collection in Port Grimaud

What is fairtrade? – An instrument of power for consumers!

Fair Week 2018

Our online marketplace,, offers fairtrade products all year-round, and we are pleased to highlight the theme during the Fair Weeks in September. This is a great opportunity to sensitize consumers to fair trade products.

Fairtrade seal at Greenpicks
Fairtrade seal at Greenpicks

What is fairtrade?

Worldwide working means securing the basis of life. So much for the theory. While in some countries of the world a so-called minimum wage is paid to employees, such regulations are missing, especially in developing countries. As a globally organized system, fairtrade protects people from exploitation. Regardless of the market value of the products, producers are always paid a minimum fairtrade price. This allows small and medium-sized producers and enterprises in developing countries to live from the production and sale of the goods while at the same time respecting environmentally sound aspects. Farmers and producers are organized in cooperatives that receive premiums for social projects. Thereof are being built, for example, schools, hospitals and drinking water fountains. Also, income flows into health care and social institutions.

Fair and more!

Anyone who buys fairtrade products also invests in the sustainable future of their fellow human beings and nature. Specifically, this means conscientiously consuming in the present, for a goal that is not always immediately visible: conservation and preservation of our planet for future generations. In fair trade, child and forced labour are taboo. The change to organic farming is generally encouraged and rewarded with additional premiums. Protective clothing is provided to people, social and medical precaution and paid holidays are secured. Achievements that are taken for granted for us.

How do you recognize Fairtrade products?

Unfortunately, there is no consistent Fairtrade seal. The most widely distributed certificate is given by the FLO to producers in developing countries who are committed to the principles of Faitrade – socially and environmentally sound. Based on the logos of the Fair Trade organizations GEPA, El Puente, BanaFair and dwp, fairtrade products can be identified. Companies that demonstrate that they meet all fair trade criteria can receive the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) label. Organizations such as the world shops’ umbrella association or importers (such as the shop Sundara Paper & Art at Greenpicks) or the Fair Trade Forum can be certified concerning to the WFTO’s warranty system.

In Germany you will find mainly two product labels for fair trade. Only products from the Global South that meet the requirements of the international Fairtrade standards may bear the Fairtrade seal, which is awarded in Germany by TransFair e.V. Products that are manufactured according to the Naturland guidelines for ecological and fair production can be awarded the Naturland Fair seal.

How much is Fairtrade in organic, how much organic is in Fair trade?

However, while fair trade focuses on people and fair wages for their work, the protection of the environment is inextricable from a fair economic system. Fairtrade does not necessarily mean that coffee, tea and clothing are produced in organic quality. Conversely, organic products are not necessarily fairtrade. Nevertheless, the tendency is increasing. Fairtrade certificates and organic seals meld. Many products, including at Greenpicks, are now both fairtrade certified and labeled with organic seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), demeter etc.

Fairtrade product range at Greenpicks

The Greenpicks sustainability criterion “Fair & Social” is based on regional and international standards of fair trade. In addition, the in-house seal also considers products that are manufactured under socially acceptable conditions. On every category page, in every eco online shop and in all organic brands, interested consumers will find corresponding articles about the filter “sustainability criteria » fair & social “. The Fairtrade product line at Greenpicks does not only cover foods such as tea, coffee and chocolate but also fair trade fashion for babies, children, women and men; bags & backpacks, Fairtrade jewellery, toys, housewares, furniture as well as pet supplies & pet food.

Fair Week 2018
Fair Week 2018

The analogue and digital shopping cart is an instrument of power of the consumer

Consumers are dependent on the offer. If there are no fair trade products, you can only do without as far as you do not want to buy ordinary products. Consumers can only put pressure on concerns if they buy or consciously leave their products. It is not enough to revolt – about inhuman working conditions, about child labour, about plastic waste in the ocean. Civil disobedience, bringing into question, understanding and hands-on action is an instrument of power to change something with the shopping basket. This provides the opportunity to influence the conditions in the value chains.

In the right place: Greenpicks in the Fairtrade Town Cologne

Headquarters of Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market is in the Fairtrade Town of Cologne. Coincidence or destiny? Presumably, the owner, Annette Husmann, was cradled to work for a fair world. Even before her studies in “Strategic Sustainability Management”, she was involved with the bilingual online marketplace Greenpicks in ensuring that the fair and ecological products offered convince as many people as possible. In addition, she advises unpacked shops and participants of GIZ programs on topics such as upcycling and sustainability.

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 Raffle

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 Raffle

At Greenpicks you always find an answer to the question #whomademyclothes? For beginning of the Fashion Revolution Week 2018 bingabonga raffles at Greenpicks 3 x plain coloured loop scarves for adults.

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 Raffle

Win 3 x plain colourd loop scarves for adults by bingabonga

The loop scarf is the perfect accessory for autumn and spring. Simply pulled over your head, it fits reliably around your neck. Both sides of the reversible scarf are plain coloured and made of 95% GOTS certified organic cotton jersey and 5% spandex. Designed and sewn in the tailor’s workshop from bingabonga in Berlin (Germany).

Available in two sizes:

  • S ( ca. 9 month – 3 years) for adults who like it close to the neck. (23 cm x 28 cm)
  • M ( ca. 2.5 years – 99 years) a little bit wider, but also close to the neck (26 cm x 33 cm).

The raffle takes place at Greenpicks via Facebook How to participate, you will find in the post. You will receive your prize directly from bingabonga. No cash withdrawal of prizes (value of 24.75 Euro).
» Conditions of Participation

Start: 23rd of April 2018, 11.00 h a.m
Closing date: 25th of April 2018, 10:59 h p.m

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 Raffle

Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!

Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!

When in February/March soft rays of sunlight make their way through the cloud ceiling, when snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils curiously point their heads towards the light … then this is the secure sign of the approaching spring. Spring stands for a new beginning and renewal. And for some people it goes along with renovation and redesign of their own four walls. Worn furniture will be replaced. This includes seating furniture for the kitchen, dining room, living room, children’s room, balcony and terrace. Here upcycled seating furniture can be the order of the day.

upcycled seating furniture - beanbag chair
Upcycled Beanbag Chair © reditum

Discarded materials for upcycling seating

When it comes to chairs, stools and sun loungers, you can choose upcycling furniture or natural wood. The latter are environmentally friendly if they are from wood of sustainable forestry, recognizable by the FSC® seal. For upcycled seating furniture, however, disused materials are processed. Continue reading Upcycled seating furniture for an ecological point of view!

Bingabonga: Perhaps the largest collection of organic beanies

Bingabonga: Perhaps the largest collection of organic beanies …

A beanie is a beanie, you might think of the BINGABONGA beanie collection at first glance. On closer inspection, the diversity catches your eye. Plain, striped, patterned, pure organic cotton, lined with organic cotton fleece for the winter. Dyed with non-toxic colours, the caps are made immediately after ordering from GOTS certified fabrics. This is perhaps the largest collection of organic beanies

Continue reading Bingabonga: Perhaps the largest collection of organic beanies